The 2016 season is quickly approaching!

The schedule and the rules for the coming year are now updated. Rules for 2016 are almost identical to the previous year's rules, the two big changes for the year are: 1. We will hold qualifying each week in Pukwana to determine the starting lineup. At Armour, Gregory, and Plankinton, the starting lineup will be based upon point averages, and, 2. All mowers competing at Pukwana, Armour, Gregory or Plankinton will need to be inspected by the Pukwana Tech Inspectors, before they are allowed to compete. Other than those two changes, there are just a few clarifications of existing rules. 

Other, notable, non-rules, changes for 2016 include an increase of "out of town" races. We'll be traveling to Armour, Gregory, and Plankinton each three times this year. With that increase in races, we're changing our point system, having a point champion for Pukwana races, a champion for the Armour/Gregory/Plankinton races, and a "King of the Hill", overall champion for all of the races.

Should be another exciting racing season! Mark your calendars for May 21st, our first race in Pukwana!

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