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Pukwana Mower Races

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Our first race of the year is in the books! Started out windy, but turned into a beautiful night for racing. Our fans were treated to some excellent races! Congratulations to our Feature winners: Stock - Jeremy Nedved, Modified - Adam Chernotik, Super Modified - Adam Donaldson, and Outlaw - Justin Naescher. 

If you look at our "Results" page, you'll notice that the point standings are a little different this year. The current standings are called "King of The Hill". The reason for this is that we will have three champions this year: Pukwana; Armour, Gregory, and Plankinton; and an over-all season champion, the "King of The Hill", Once we have a race outside of Pukwana, these additional standings will be added.

We are taking Memorial Day weekend off to spend with friends and family, but will be back in the swing of things the following weekend with a "double-header". Friday night, June 3rd, we travel to race in Lake Andes to help them celebrate their annual "Fish Days". Then on Saturday, June 4th, we travel to Armour for our first point race of the year there! Calcutta at 6:30, races to start at 7:00 both nights. Hope to see you there!

Take a look at our Crazy Racers' Facebook page, and please "like" us by following the link on this page. There are a lot of pictures and videos on our Facebook page that don't make it to the website, so be sure to stop there often!

Questions? Please contact: 
Bo Hamiel at (605) 680-1718 or the Puk U Bar at (605) 894-9277