Pukwana Mower Races

Presented By Crazy Racers LLC

Once again, another great race this weekend! These mowers really run with the cooler weather! With only one point race to go we have a few points battles that are already finished up, Wayne Mortrude and Justin Naescher have the Modified and Outlaw Class won by leading second place by more than sixty points, the most that can be earned in a single night. The Super Mod Class is the race to watch, with anyone in the top three able to take the lead! There are a lot of close battles further back in the standings, so be sure to come out and see who finishes where! 

Only two races to go this season, one more to decide the season point standings! Both of our remaining races are in Pukwana, the next being held on October 4th. That race sponsored by Hrabe Spraying Services. As always, Calcutta at 7:30, races at 8:00! If you haven't been to a race this year you better get out to one soon!  

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