The modified class is a step up from the Stock class, several modifications can be made, but an original lawn mower chassis must be used and motor modifications are held to a minimum, maximum motor size is limited to 18 horsepower single cylinder models. The axles may be replaced and the strength of the frame can be increased. In this class you can expect speeds of at least 25 miles per hour.

History of the Pukwana Lawn Mower Races

Our newest Class is the Super-Modified class, being introduced in 2014. In a nutshell, this class is a stepping stone between the Outlaw and Modified. They will use an Outlaw chassis, with very few restrictions, but they are required to use turf tires. They have a single cylinder engine with some modifications and a few aftermarket parts inside of it. In this class you can expect speeds of at least 35 miles per hour.
Photo of drivers and mowers in the first Pukwana lawn mower race. 

Super-Modified Class

Lawn Mower Classes Described

The first lawn mower race in Pukwana was held in the spring of 2003 with just over a half dozen mowers competing. Races have continued to be held, nearly every weekend, during the summer months since then. From this humble beginning the races have grown to what they are today, with upwards of forty mowers in attendance and over five hundred spectators cheering on their favorite drivers. 

In 2005 the “Crazy Racers” lawn mower association was formed to oversee track maintenance and govern the rules of the track. This club, since its inception, has installed lighting, a speaker system, fencing around the track, a timing and scoring system, improved the racing surface, and created an accepted set of rules. These improvements improve the safety of the drivers and the crowd, and enhance the overall experience of the event.

Over the years, mowers competing have received different classifications, for the first several races all of the mowers present were in the same class, this due to the number of mowers competing. As the number of mowers increased they were then divided into two classes depending on the horsepower rating of the motor used. The motor classification was later dissolved and mowers were then put into classes depending on the competitiveness of the mower. In 2005 mowers were divided into our original three classes: Stock, Modified, and Outlaw, originally called “A”, “B”, and “C” classes. At this time the points system used today was also implemented. In 2014 the Super-Modified Class was added to compliment our existing three classes. 

Our races have also grown to include more towns than just Pukwana. Our group has raced at the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls, during Riverboat Days in Yankton, and currently races at Plankinton's Annual Pheasant Fest. The club also travels, and holds six non-point races in Armour and Gregory. 

Stock Class

Pukwana Mower Races

The stock class is our entry-level racing class. Modifications made are mainly for improvements in safety and reliability. Some modifications are allowed to increase the speed and handling of the mowers. However, motor size is limited to a maximum of 8 horsepower. This class will reach speeds of over 20 miles per hour on our track. 

Modified Class

Outlaw Class

Presented By Crazy Racers LLC

We threw the rule-book out for this class, and as long as the mowers have lawn mower engines, body parts, and meet our safety requirements pretty much anything goes. If you take a close look at these mowers you will find tube chassis, Hoosier racing tires, adjustable axles, and high performance engine parts. These mowers will reach speeds over 40 miles per hour.